Shipping to Amazon FBA

Wondering How To Sell On Amazon?

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Fulfilled by Amazon is an amazing tool where seller sends their products to the warehouses of the Amazon where they are stored for a specific period of time until they are purchased by some of the buyers. There are negligible fees for keeping the products in the warehouse which are developed by Amazon for different products.

One can ship their products to the Amazon FBA by means of selecting the appropriate option from their sellers account regarding what is going to be sent. These products are added to the inventory when Amazon receives your shipment with all necessary details which are required to be submitted to the Amazon.

Steps to Ship to Amazon FBA

Here we will discuss everything in accordance to the steps which an individual can perform in order to add inventory to their seller’s account.

  1. Once we reach the manage inventory page which will require signing in to your seller’s account, we can select the items we are willing to ship to the Amazon. Once we have selected the products we can opt for whether we are willing to sending or replenishing the inventory. This can be performed from the section of Action on selected.
  2. As we reach the page of Send/Replenish inventory we can correspondingly create a newer shipping plan rather than the older one. Even the older shipping plan can then be reselected. It is selected from the drop-down list which is viewed from Add to shipping plan drop down list which can be viewed there.
  3. After completion of this much process, we are required to confirm the address of where products are going to be shipped. From this location, your shipping products will be picked up. This place can also tend to be your warehouse if you are working with the suppliers.
  4. We can then confirm the packing type of items which we are shipping to Amazon individual products which are single items. They are even varying in the quantities and even in terms of conditions. In case of the case packed products, they are the multiples of the same item which are packaged by the manufacturer.
  5. Further one can continue to the shipping plan.

After completion of this process, Amazon will pick up your products from your place and will deliver the same to the warehouse of the Amazon. Once they reach the desired destination it will start showing in the inventory list online over the portal of Amazon.

Even there are chances of breaking a shipping plan into multiple plans which will further be directed to different centers. This will help in directing different products to different warehouses which are requiring the said product. Amazon will find it easy to deliver the product to the desired location as it will be situated closer to the desired location.


You have learn the basic of How to sell on Amazon On FBA For Beginner ,

Thus we can say that shipping to Amazon FBA is quite essential for making the product delivered effectively to the warehouses of the Amazon where it is required the most. This will further ensure effective delivering the product to the desired customer of the said product, as it will be located quite nearer to the said customer.


Wondering How To Sell On Amazon?

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